Fortress of Cembalo, Crimea, Ukraine

The Fortess of Cembalo is a great place to be!

Cembalo_fortressThe fortress of Cembalo ,Mount Ai-Petry, Crimea, Ukraine is one place that you should definitely visit in the near future. I was greeted by a steep climb up the sides of a mountain to reach the ruins of this once vast fortress that dates back to the 14th century. The climb was not all hard work as it offered a panoramic view of the town below as well as amazing views of the Black Sea in all of its glory.
There is a conical like lighthouse structure that stands as sort of a watchtower over the entire fortress site. I thought that this was a cool feature and I climbed inside to take numerous photos of it. It is a great place to bring your family and get a great workout in the process. The ruins surrounded the two walled portions of the compound date back to the 14th and 15th centuries respectively. It once provided a great defense for those in the city of Baklava and the Crimean peninsula. IMount Ai-Petry Crimea Ukrainet is a shame that there is not much upkeep in the park as there is numerous trash and debris littered throughout the path as you journey to the top of the fortress tower. I would have expected some picnic areas as well as an ample and competent tour guide, yet these things were vastly missing during my time there.
The fortress itself provides a great history lesson to youngsters as well as remembrances for old warriors of wartime alike. It helped to put into perspective the current crisis that is going on in the Crimean peninsula. The ancient people defended their sea town from invaders like the Turks and others who tried to take over this important and strategic location. This location strikes a balance between the fun of exploring ancient ruins and the fun of climbing up towers and other ruins. There are three main towers that stand above the fray and rise above the Black Sea below. It is a destination that will not be around much longer as the ruins have not been well preserved or up kept at all.
Genoese_fortress_in_SudakThe best uses for this site is to be able to take pictures of the grand panoramic views below the cliff. It is also good for inviting your family and friends and give a history lesson tour of this fortresses importance during the height of the Crimean war. I recommend this place and give it 4 stars out of 5 for maintaining its old charm while challenging tourists like me to look behind the surface for hidden treasure that is the fortress of Cembalo ,Mount Ai-Petry, Crimea, Ukraine

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Tianzi Mountains China

The Uniquely Tall and Thin Tianzi Mountains, China

Tianzi Mountains china       One thing that I learned during my latest visit in China is that the country has a very rich ancient history that cannot be compared to any other nation all over the world. The cultural activities that Chinese still practice to date have defined them as a people. Apart from being the custodians of great wheel which is considered as one of the world wonders, one place just made my tour, the Tianzi Mountains. These uniquely tall and thin mountains are in the Tianzi Mountain natural reserve which is a subsection of Wulingyuan scenic area which is well preserved by the locals.
The name Tianzi means the Tall Tianzi Mountains Chinason of heaven’ or the Emperor’ as the guides explained to me. The name was derived from a rebellion leader, Xiang Dakun from ethnic Tujia who led a peasant rebellion id-19th century. The mountains have a very rich history of the locals relating mostly on their Buddhist religion that they have been practicing for ages now. The thing that interested me most is seeing the faithful perform their rituals a thing I had only watched on Chinese Shaolin movies.
From a distance Tianzi Mountains are characterized by one common thing, the old weathered sandstone mountain-peak from the base and then the elevated snow-clad peaks. These sharp peaks appear like towers and presence of snow on the top gave them a spectacular view. I could not stop myself from taking a photo of the amazing pattern formed by these peaks different heights. A hike on these peaks is another adventure that I enjoyed during my visit on these mountains.
The Tianzi Mountains appears like they decorated from a far distance. I could see colored belts coiling around the mountains from top to almost the bottom but what I realized when I was at a closer distance is that there was no such decorations. The colors emanate from different sandstones bedrock layers that are responsible for this. This adds the beauty to these mountains making them appear as painted from a distant.

Tianzi Mountains
The mountainous area also supports shrubs and other small plants. These small plants especially the flowers give the mountain the natural beauty of different colors and their different scents could be smelt from far distance. The presence of different species of animals like the birds gives Tianzi a complete flora and fauna habitation. It is such an environment that gave me the sweetest feeling of nature I had witnessed for a long time before.
The Tianzi Mountains are well protected, preserved and thus the ecosystem provided is the best I have ever come across. It was a tour I will live to remember and I would do again in future if I get a chance.

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